Panna – The City of Diamonds

Panna, is very Beautiful, Serene & Calm Place, which is known for its Diamond Mines, encircled with Hills, Evergreen Trees and Forests. Its also famous for its Temples, which shows a Fine Mixture of Muslim & Hindu Architectures. With a Forest Reserve for Rare Wildlife & Diamond Mine, Panna has been converted into a City of Eternal Serenity with Nature’s Scenic Beauty.

Apart from these, Panna comprises a lot of Places that Tourists must Explore. Here are Some of Them:

Diamond Mines

Over an Area of 80 KM, Belt starting from Paharikhera North-East to Majhgawan South-West, Panna is the Continent’s Biggest & Active Diamond Mine, located in the State of Madhya Pradesh. A Panna Diamond Trip will show all the Mystery about the Farming of Diamonds, its Qualities and How they get into the Structure. Trip to the Mine is an Awesome Experience and You must Experience it, while Touring Panna.

Pandav Caves & Falls

Pandav Caves and Falls is situated within the Area of the Panna National Park. The Name of the Place itself says that, It belongs to Pandav’s in the History. This Place will definitely leave you Speechless, with its Deep Lake, Waterfalls, Lush Green Environment. This place is Perfect for Adventurers, History & Nature Lovers.

Please, try to take a Guide with You, to avoid being Lost in the Jungle, as it could be Dangerous because of being a Tiger Reserve. The Guide would charge probably around Rs. 100.

Panna National Park

Panna National Park is sited in the District of Panna & Chattarpur, in the State of Madhya Pradesh. The Park is Officially Honoured as the 22nd Tiger Reserve of India and covers the 5th Position in terms of Madhya Pradesh. Panna Tiger Reserve sites besides the Ken River, being found as the Perfectly Maintained and Managed National Parks of India, by the Ministry of Tourism of India. The park also Won the Award of Excellence in 2007.

Raneh WaterFalls

Raneh Falls is a Beautiful and Romantic Spot for Young Couples Picnic. Many Couples goes towards falls, while in a Tour to Khajuraho. The Falls are forged when the Ken River Falls from the Canyons of Rewa Hills. The Speciality of this Fall is that, the Rocks are of Grey and Pink Gradients, which attracts more Visitors.

Ken Crocodile Sanctuary

Ken Crocodile Sanctuary is in the Proximity of Raneh Falls. Ken Gharial Sanctuary leaves you Speechless with Amazing Views of the Endangered Species of Fauna.

You can Explore the Countless Gharials (a Species of Crocodiles), Peacocks, Blue Bulls, Chinkara’s and Many More. So, Go for It and Enjoy the Wildlife Tour, in the Lap of Mother Nature.

Devi Padmavati Temple

The Temple which holds a lot of Importance in History, with a Fact of Goddess Padmavati. It is also trusted that Goddess Padmavati Protects the Happiness and Prosperity of Panna.

BaldeoJi Temple

The BaldeoJi Temple has been uplifted by the Architecture of Romans. The Fascinating Portrait of Shri BaldeoJi is Built with Black Shaligrami Stone. The Temple is the Example of the Finest Architectures in the Area, consisting of a Large Hall and Long Pillars. Large Hall here are called Maha Mandap. This is constructed on a Platform so that Anyone can obtain Darshan even from Outside the Main Gate.

Best Time to Visit

The Perfect Time to Visit here is during Winter Season, when the climate is Pleasant. So, November to March is the Perfect Season to Visit.

How to Reach

By Air : The City can be Reached from Khajuraho Airport, which is at the Distance of 25 KM. You must Hire a Cab or Taxi direct from the Airport to Panna.

By Rail : The Nearest Railway Station is at Jhansi, at the Distance of 175 KM. Approximately, A Road-Trip of 5 Hours on a Bus or Cab from Jhansi is required to reach Panna.

By Road : Panna is Connected with some Major Cities with Frequent Bus Services.

So, Just Plan for the Fun filled Adventure at the Panna !

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